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Cordillera! - One man's wilderness odyssey across the entire 
North American mountain system by Stan Walchuk Jr.

What makes a man risk his life? When his friends have turned back, what makes him ride on alone through the Canadian wilderness? When the Rocky Mountains try to block his progress, when his horses struggle to survive in a primitive wilderness, when everything from his past says "give up and go home" what makes a man ride on?

Stan Walchuk Jr. is such a man and "Cordillera" is such a story!

In the year 1982 three men set out from the Northern Plains of North America with pack and saddle horses in an attempt to reach the Pacific Ocean. A few days after starting, two of the men had given up and gone home, dismayed at the unforeseen difficulties they had already encountered in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Yet twelve hundred wilderness miles, eleven mountain ranges and twenty-two river crossings later, one Long Rider reached Wrangell, Alaska. That equestrian explorer was Stan Walchuk Jr.

This is Stan's moving account of that incredible journey, one of the longest, most rugged wilderness journeys ever undertaken in the late 20th century. Yet the pages of "Cordillera" are filled not just with equestrian adventures but a host of colorful characters that helped make Canadian history. At one point Stan rode along the trail of Charles Bedeaux. This rich and famous Frenchman had set off to cross the Canadian wilderness in 1934 with what was called The Champagne Expedition. Unlike Walchuk, who rode alone and unaided, Bedeaux was accompanied by 130 packhorses, his wife, mistress and a host of cowboys. Despite the tactical support, Bedeaux failed, whereas Walchuk managed to reach Alaska with only two horses.

"Cordillera" is a story of courage and determination in the face of almost insurmountable geographical obstacles. It is the moving equestrian odyssey of one Canadian riding alone across the greatest mountain range in North America!

To order a copy of this wonderful book, please contact Stan Walchuk at:

Blue Creek Outfitters
Box 758
British Columbia V0J 2E0

Telephone: 250-569-3423


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