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The Long Way to Los Gatos by Verne Albright

A first class adventure story that reads like fiction, this fantastic but true tale of a horseman's challenging journey captures your full attention. The story's lively pace and author's vivid images drive your imagination and will not let you put the book down. 

Picture riding Peruvian Paso horses all by yourself from Peru to California, through the Peruvian Desert, the High Andes in Ecuador, the tropical heat of Panama and through revolution-torn Nicaragua - New adventures around every bend in the road! 

In almost 400 pages you'll re-experience the brave and noble horses' odyssey into a new and strange world, trusting in and depending on their owner's care and passion for horses. 

Travel with Verne to places such as the Matacaballo (Horsekiller) desert and the Peak of Death, a place where travelers had the habit of freezing to death in standing positions, ride through terrain so rugged that the horses' shoes wore in half every two weeks, deserts so hot that the sand seared Verne's feet through the soles of the boots. 

Meet the many characters along the road, kind or cruel, helpful or hampering but always memorable as seen through Verne's keen eye.

To order this book, visit www.peruvian-pasos.com/valbright_lwlg.html
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